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We develop the best solutions for each production process

Criticalflow® was born in 2014. Its first two years of activity were almost entirely exclusive to the development and design of equipment.

Began its more effective presence in the market from 2016, focusing its activity on the commercialization of chemical products and in the supply of equipment for cleaning parts.

It is noted in the market and in many of the customers that the manufacture of components in different markets from, automobile, aeronautics, electronics and many others are facing , increasingly, challenges in the demand that is imposed on the quality of the parts produced.

Quality is no longer only relative or restricted to dimensional control but also to the level of cleaning quality that these parts need to that their functionality and/or longevity are not jeopardized.

Our customers are increasingly faced with quality standards for cleaning parts that are required by their customers, whether in terms of a certain type of contamination (“simple” standards) or by different types of agglomerated contamination (“complex” standards).

Criticalflow®'s commitment then becomes increasingly focused on the study and analysis with its customers of the challenges posed and, with its long know-how, develop the best solutions for each production process, going through various testing phases (washing, chemical products, laboratory tests, etc.) , training and start-up monitoring in full production of high-precision cleaning equipment.

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We work with the best technologies to ensure your satisfaction.



Spraying is the first basic method for projecting cleaning baths (acid, neutral or alkaline) towards the parts to clean. It is usually a simple technology for simple and not very demanding processes, like i. ex. pre-cleaning, maintenance cleaning or in between production processes.

When combined with other technologies can be excellent auxiliary towards the final objective.

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We call immersion the begining of the more advanced precision cleaning techniques where the parts are submerged in a cleaning fluid. It is a technology that allows, whatever the geometry of the parts, access to difficult cleaning areas and combined with other technologies may allow to reach the desired cleanliness level. Depending on the goal, can be designed a single stage or multiple stages process ending up on blow-off or parts drying in either a single chamber or multiple cleaning tanks.

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Spraying under immersion

Spraying under immersion is only used when the cleanliness level required is of some quality, combining two different technologies so that, whatever the geometry of the parts, spraying under immersion causes a certain grade of turbulence that promotes a more effective removal of the contamination.

It is very often in these steps that high grades of filtration are needed so that the contamination is indeed removed from the parts and the cleaning system itself. This process is either used in closed cleaning chamber as well as in immersion tanks.

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Ultra Sounds

The ultrasound technology implies the immersion of the parts and is one of the most effective ways to remove several different types of contaminations, specially when confronted in the cleaning of geometrically difficult parts (threaded holes, blind bores, channels, etc..). This technology is very commonly used in treatment lines (multistage-production), simple tanks (maintenance applications) or in closed cabinet with or without rotation of the parts, depending on geometry, fragility, esthetical aspect, type of material, etc...adjusting the power and the ultrasound frequency to the level of desired cleanliness, application (production/maintenance), etc..

Usually, in the multistage cleaning lines for production applications there is a combination of several cleaning stages till the final drying where the automation is necessary for the load/unload of the parts totally automated.

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Vacuum systems

The vacuum technology is used in several diferent ways in the cleaning technologies:
 - Final drying in either solvent or aqueous processes
  - Washing systems with solvents (modified alcohols or hydrocarbons)

When choosing this kind of technology in an aqueous process is mainly due to either, the result is impossible to achieve without it and is very important that this process is incorporated during all stages or only partialy, beeing very commonly the main reason for the use of the vaccum process the geometry, capilarity problems or fragile parts to be cleaned, etc.

In the solvent processes, either modified alcohol or hydrocarbons, it is mandatory that the vacuum is present due to safety issues as both kind of products are flammable forcing that the all machine system is continuously under vacuum.

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Vapour degreasing systems

The industry is debating with the prohibition of some solvent degreasing products (ex. trichlorethylene) and the imposed regulations for the use of other chlorinated solvents (ex. perchlorethylene), excellent degreasing agents but that, some more then others, need special handling care, use, consumption, etc...

It is with this premise, that CriticalFlow develops solutions for the replacement of this kind of solvents, keeping the same working philosophy with new generation solvents which have no hazard in terms of toxicity, flammability and chemical stability keeping the high cleaning volume that this type of solvents can still maintain and with additional cost-saving features in comparison with other technologies.

This systems can be either manual or automatic and used in several different applications like i. ex. when the final quality of the parts and the requirement level in terms of esthetics is of the upmost importance or in high-volume pre-welding production degreasing processes.

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Business Areas


Plane icon

Engine, Wings, Structure, etc.. Several high precision maintenance areas

Luxury Jewelry

Diamond icon

Metallic luxury parts


Electronics icon

Wafers, PCB's Maintenance: Stencils, Electronic boards and components


Micromechanics icon

Watch making, Several types of high precision micro parts


Glasses icon

Lenses and metallic structure


Car icon

Engine components, Brakes, several circuits (air, water, gases) Maintenance: Overhaul of several diferent components


Cutlery icon

Traditional cutlery, special accessories in stainless steel


Stethoscope icon

Dental implants, Prosthetics, etc. Maintenance: Utilitaries, Oxygen circuits, etc.


Bucket icon

Foundry parts with/without machining Maintenance: Moulds, Injection systems, etc.




Machine model specially designed for cleaning aircraft components (commercial or military)

Various types of components from engine, landing gear, fuselage, etc..



Cabin washing machine for heat treatment applications

Multi-stage vacuum washing machine for precision cleaning prior to heat treatment



Compact in-line machine for cleaning components placed in Schäffer baskets

Usually used after stamping, machining or pre-processing welding, gluing, etc.



Machine with 2/3 Automatic Cleaning Lines for high production

1st. Line for degreasing raw components
2nd. Line for Nano Cleaning of final or already assembled components
and controlling contamination of metallic particles





Automatic Precision Cleaning Machine

High quality and precision Micro-Mechanical component cleaning/surface treatment





To support and better advice to our customers, Criticalflow offers laboratory enabling monitoring step-by-step processes involved throughout the design and the support decision making. The equipment available in our laboratory enables various analysis:

  • Type of technology

  • Chemical products

  • Process development

  • Quantitative analysis

  • Qualitative analysis

The lab is also equipped with the latest technology in terms of APC (Automatic Particle Counting) for the analysis of goals to be met relating to customer quality standards. Lab testing is still very important in monitoring our clients in the productive start-up and also in the process of estabilishing maintenance rules (preventive and corrective).


  • Interview - Valor Magazine

    "Criticalflow established itself in an area dedicated to the manufacture of machines for cleaning components in vanguard sectors, such as Automotive and Aeronautics. Being the only company in the country with this business model, its objective is to continue to internationalization, fundamental for its solid growth,..."

Interview - Valor Magazine

"Criticalflow established itself in an area dedicated to the manufacture of machines for cleaning components in vanguard sectors, such as Automotive and Aeronautics. Being the only company in the country with this business model, its objective is to continue to internationalization, fundamental for its solid growth,..."


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