Manufacturing of parts (mostly metallic) in several markets like, automotive, aerospace, electronic and many others, are facing more and more, challenges in the cleanliness level that is imposed.

Quality is no longer just relative or restricted to dimensional control but also in terms of the cleanliness level that the parts are needed in order that their functionality and/or longevity are not compromised.

Our clients are frequently faced against cleanliness norms imposed by their clients either in terms of type of contamination (simple norms) or by different types of contamination (complex norms).

Criticalflow's compromise towards the clients is the study and analysis of the cleanliness challenges that they are facing and with it's long know-how, develop the best solutions to each production process, going through several testing stages (washing processes, chemical products, lab testing, etc...) till the supply, training and follow-up of the initial stages of production.