Vapour degreasing systems
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The industry is debating with the prohibition of some solvent degreasing products (ex. trichlorethylene) and the imposed regulations for the use of other chlorinated solvents (ex. perchlorethylene), excellent degreasing agents but that, some more then others, need special handling care, use, consumption, etc...

It is with this premise, that CriticalFlow develops solutions for the replacement of this kind of solvents, keeping the same working philosophy with new generation solvents which have no hazard in terms of toxicity, flammability and chemical stability keeping the high cleaning volume that this type of solvents can still maintain and with additional cost-saving features in comparison with other technologies.

This systems can be either manual or automatic and used in several different applications like i. ex. when the final quality of the parts and the requirement level in terms of esthetics is of the upmost importance or in high-volume pre-welding production degreasing processes.